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Dr. Cousens’ Chemtrail Protection Protocol

This article will not speculate on the chemtrail conspiracy, but rather focus on the steps we can take to mitigate, offset, and reverse the effects of chemtrails on our bodies, minds, and spirits. Here I will discuss how we can protect ourselves from the misuse of a sophisticated technology to effect our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual lives. The misuse of this technology seems to be an assault on our sovereignty on all those levels. Chemtrails are a form of biological warfare, creating a slow degradation to our health. Chemtrails affect our ability to propagate, and most importantly, beyond the spread of viruses, funguses, bacteria and Morgellens disease, chemtrails affect our minds.


To view Dr. Cousens’ video series on chemtrails, please click here.


The mental effects of chemtrails are completely underestimated. Through the use of the scalar wave technology of HAARP and the EMF’s coming through radios, televisions, computers, and communication technologies effect the subtle workings of our minds, making us more susceptible to the constant distortions of reality that we are exposed to. We therefore become a susceptible population to the forces of the dark side. The names don’t matter here. This process has been going on for some time, but now they have more sophisticated technology.


Do chemtrails exist? People argue back and forth about this, but I’d like to point out that there was a legal case against chemtrails in 1997. The issue was not whether they existed, but rather, was it legal. The courts decided that it was legal at that time to do chemtrails. This has been going on since 1950, but they spread all over the world after 1997.


Why is this a problem? People have somehow rationalized poisoning one another. However, when we look at the Torah and the Ten Speakings, we have murder, lies, covetousness (population control), and idolatry. Rational or not, the people behind this are violating four of the Ten Speakings. This is the trouble with logic. It can sound good, even though it may not be connected remotely to truth. Some people make a living out of hiding destruction in logical packaging. While they may appear to be getting away with this, the populace is beginning to question everything these dark side puppets are doing.


Dennis Kucinich has actually brought a bill to the Senate seeking to outlaw chemtrails. Chemtrails irrefutably exist. Condensation from airplanes usually lasts one or two minutes, while chemtrails last for up to four hours and spreads into a broad band that covers a patch of sky. HAARP then uses these broad swaths to reflect their scalar waves into your lives and affect your consciousness. This is really about protecting our minds and spirits.


During World War II, the German Nazis used to put fluoride in the waters at the concentration camps to accomplish something similar. They wanted to weaken the spiritual willpower of the prisoners. Now we have fluoride in our waters, but most of us know to use filtered water. Chemtrails, however, is a bigger problem, and there are few places where this is not happening. China, Cuba, and Central America will not allow chemtrails. Other than this, it is happening everywhere.


There are about nine essential components that make up chemtrails:


Aluminum oxide – one of the deadliest heavy metals, acting as a reflector for scalar wave technology


Barium oxide – similar to aluminum oxide (though not as poisonous), being used as a reflector for the consciousness altering scalar waves


Bio-nano-particles – act as scalar wave transmitters and receptors once they enter our bodies


Synthetic polymers – act as scalar wave receptors and transmitters upon entering the body


Ethylene dibromide – ranked as one of the deadliest toxins, displaces iodine from the system and therefore diminishes health and intelligence. It is in many fire retardants as well as Mountain Dew, Gatorade, and a few other drinks. Ethylene dibromide has been outlawed in every country in the world except for two, and the U.S. is one of these.


Morgellons disease – attacks skin, hair, and nails. It melts the skin away and literally kills the victim. There appear to be many kinds of Morgellons.


Viruses, fungi, and bacteria have all been used in chemtrail cocktails. There are other heavy metals that used from time to time. Radioactive thorine is also commonly included. When we add it up, there are typically about nine different factors.


Keep in mind that the entire intent of these chemtrails is to weaken the physical health and the spiritual willpower of the masses.


What can we do?


1) Silver – The Russian research done on biological warfare shows that silver will knock out 98% of the biological warfare components. It won’t knock out Morgellons, but it will eradicate most viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The silver I have discovered is called AgLA. It is oxygenated silver at a particular and optimal frequency and concentration, while simultaneously colloidal. I recommend taking 2-6 ounces a day for general protective health.


2) Illumodine (scalar wave iodine) – Illumodine will force the ethylene dibromide out of the system. It is a healthy halogen. I would recommend 15 drops, 3 times daily. It stays in the system for about 4 hours. I have observed this to be reasonably effective. In higher doses, it is the only thing that I have seen to cure Morgellons. Taking Illumodine preventatively against ethylene dibromide will also prevent Morgellons. It also cleans the lymph and knocks out parasites. It has many benefits in addition to thyroid support.


3) Zeolite + Clinoptilolite – Clinoptilolite is taken orally and stays in the intestine, pulling out heavy metals, radioactive materials, pesticides, herbicides, barium, aluminum, and protects the body from these materials entering through the gut. Clinoptilolite does not enter the system the way that zeolite does. Zeolite gets into the blood and pulls out toxins, while Clinoptilolite does this in the intestines. I recommend using these in tandem for these reasons. I recommend 4 capsules at bedtime with water for 45 consecutive days.


4) Bio-Photon Machine – The bio-photon machine has a few million programs including programs against everything in chemtrails. It does this by creating a frequency that nullifies the effects of chemtrails. By placing a coffee filter outside for a week, you collect traces of all the chemtrail ingredients. Once this is accomplished, you may use this in the bio-photon machine, which makes a remedy with this information.


5) Proper Diet – Be cautious of the contents of both your intellectual and biological diets. Be careful of what you are taking in. If you choose to eliminate television from your life, you have also eliminated a host of negative programming and EMF’s that can affect your mind. Be careful of what movies you go to see. Scalar waves and chemtrails are being used to increase the susceptibility and gullibility of the mass consciousness. By being careful of what we see and hear, we protect ourselves from dark side influences.


6) Energy Enhancement System – The EES is a powerful answer to scalar wave devices such as HAARP, which are being used to negatively influence humanity. As a scalar wave device itself, the EES is designed to upgrade our DNA and our epigenetic expression. Not everyone may have access to an EES. Fortunately the human body is a powerful scalar wave device, the power of which may be utilized at leisure to combat the negative effects of particular scalar waves and chemtrails. Below is a visualization exercise to facilitate this process.


Scalar Wave Visualization


“Close your eyes. Open by chanting ‘Om’. Feel the blue-silver light coming down from the heavens – coming up from the earth – this blue-silver light is the cosmic scalar waves coming through. This light penetrates your crown and root and meet at your thymus gland and heart area. As you gather this energy within yourself, you move it up and down through your center. This blue-silver light moves down through your central axis and emerges from your root, splaying out, up, and around your body in a toroidal field. Take a moment to field this blue-silver toroidal field. Feel this blue-silver light permeate your pineal gland and feel the positive scalar waves emitting out from your pineal gland in all six directions, nullifying the negative scalar waves you have been exposed to, nullifying the nano-particles in your body, filling those synthetic particles with the positive scalar wave light of high consciousness. Feel this as you take some time to scan your whole system. Close by chanting ‘Om’.”


Secondary items that can help combat the effects of negative scalar wave technology and chemtrails include:


Transformational Salts – Scalar activated salt contains a scalar charged mixture of ancient seabed salts from high vortex areas of Peru, Hawaii, Tibet, and Utah. (This, of course, brings us into the salt discussion. Most research on salt has been done on sodium chloride, which is poison and has nothing to do with our discussion.) Scalar salt comes from underground. I do not recommend using sea salt anymore for many reasons. Salt is a crystal that reconnects you to the different high vortex earth frequencies. You needn’t go to Sedona. You can take this vortex energy directly into your body from much higher vortexes than Sedona. These crystalline energies rebalance the body and recalibrate your internal “wi-fi” system from the disorganizing influences of today’s EMF’s and negative scalar waves. These scalar salts reestablish a healthy resonance between our bodies and the earth. They contain volcanic ash and red clay from the Big Island. I recommend taking a pinch of this salt 4 times daily.


Scalar Ionic Minerals – These are scalar enhanced, broad spectrum, true colloidal minerals in a natural ratio triple distilled from an ancient plant seabed. It is good for nausea while fasting, and acute drug detox. It is highly negatively charged and pulls positively charged toxins out of the body.  I recommend taking 2-4 ounces daily.


To view Dr. Cousens’ video series on chemtrails, please click here.


To get these protection products, please click here.


All these steps, upon careful review, are not very complex. I’ve been puzzled about the solution to chemtrails for some time, and this new chemtrail protocol is exciting in its promise. We may not legally be able to stop chemtrails, but we now have the tools to protect ourselves. Part of my work here is to empower you to protect yourselves in the simplest way possible.


Scalar waves are very subtle. They have infinite frequency and they have no length. Our minds can affect these waves. We have the power to defend ourselves on every level against this attack on the sovereignty of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual lives.


May we all be blessed with the ability to protect ourselves and continue our spiritual evolution.


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